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so KC just texted me and told me she can only practice once a month and i feel so lost. like i’m really committing myself to badminton and i’m aiming for a title, but i know that playing singles, i probably can’t make it very far. i would be more fine with this if she was better than me, but i want us to both be developing at the same time but she has so many family and academic things to do during the whole week. so basically us as doubles partners wouldn’t work out and i’m on my own in singles. the idea of having to work so much harder to be able to make it is just kind of hitting me right now and it’s just like why? like i guess i just don’t have those times set aside for family time because i don’t feel a need for it, and i respect that she has that but it makes me sad that badminton is not that high of a priority. i just feel alone having to do all of this by myself.

3 hours ago


ughhh this is literally so dumb i have the biggest crush on igloo it’s not even funny

and it’s dumb bc i don’t even message him SO DUMB TOO DUMB


1 day ago


ODAMN almost been a week i’m slacking so bad

i failed my history test as in F as in 57% and i thought i had it darn

W has a girlfriend

Igloo now sits at my math table

J is dumb

my lips are always dry bc i don’t want to drink too much water bc then i will need to pee and so i can’t smile without looking like a creep and if i don’t smile i still look like a creep


also i am now 4th second for violin and that’s a big jump from last year when i was in the 3rd row and i’m super happyyyyyyyy

BUT i am kind of failing school so yeah no

5 days ago


HELLO HOW ARE YOU i’m fine i can’t wait to finish sat training and the test and finally FINALLY have time to volunteer. and maybe play some badminton

speaking of badminton we have to postpone our first meeting for two weeks bc of senior picnic and homecoming and i feel kind of frustrated bc i really want it to start already qq

also i want to practice drawing but i never know what to draw so if you have any suggestions pls message me

1 week ago


so basically i can never ever open my computer again otherwise i will procrastinate like i just did for the last half hour hghhrhghh my nonexistent self control

Igloo switched out of my chem class but he’s in my calc class. i basically only talk to T in that class since he’s next to me and Igloo’s in the back and i caN’T SEE HIM

W is still there uhuhuhu

1 week ago


W hasn’t switched out of my comp sci class (yet?)!! so i hope i just heard wrong and he’s actually staying for the year yessss

haven’t talked to EK in a while which makes me feel a little sad


2 weeks ago


okay so i’ve skipped a few days but i have an explanation for that

on friday i had a pretty bad day bc i fell behind on my homework in the middle of the week and it was hard to try and keep up so i basically waited for it to end

after school i had to go to elite and when i got out of the car to get my stuff before i left i dropped my phone and it cracked and unlike an iphone, if the lg screen cracks the whole screen stops working so i was lucky bc half of it still works but it is still a pain and if i leave it for too long it starts moving on its own

so yeah i was posting most of these from my phone but esp since i need to do so many things just to put in a title i might be on off for a while

but yeah looking forward to tomorrow and having a date with my one and only love interest

2 weeks ago

something happened today and i’m not going into details but basically i said i wasn’t angry and it didn’t matter but i feel really annoyed and pissed off and like i can’t tell anyone anything anymore and it just kind of hurts

3 weeks ago


good morning! it’s 7:30 right now and today’s a late day for us.

W is now J and the comp sci guy is W

Igloo is in my chem class but so far this school year i’ve only talked to him once

3 weeks ago


first day of school talked to new people and the standout was a guy in my comp sci class who’s a year older amd pretty nice but i think he might be switching out sighh

i think i have a cold bc i keep sneezing

today was the first time in maybe two years that i focused on my homework and actually did it but it’s still not enough bc if every day’s going to be like this or worse i need to get more of my shit together.

3 weeks ago


school tomorrow! i want to go but summer work isn’t fun :(

W goes to chinese school and that’s dumb bc he’s korean he’s dumb he also did the ALS challenge

i found out that this guy in my tennis class is actually two years younger instead of one year and idk this just totally changes my life (somehow). we snapchatted and he asked for my number and he’s a big romance shounen manga nerrrrd

3 weeks ago


today i couldn’t go to badminton because of summer homework i’m crying i really wanted to go on a weekend there’s almost no one there

my parents were watching a taiwanese movie and i recognized a song in it by anthony neely because it used to be my ringtone and it made me excited so i got out of the shower with my towel and went to the living room to tell them i knew the song and my mom was like go put on some clothes

3 weeks ago


my shoulders are sore homework not even close to being done and not physically fit enough to show my face in school i just want to sleep

3 weeks ago


this morning i played tennis with T and EK and we went to togo’s for lunch instead of mountain mike’s and played candy crush for 3 hours

i might be able to tutor a kid math for $15 an hour

i finally found detailed information on going to taiwan to teach kids english and i feel super excited!!

4 weeks ago


correction i meant W not J

also i saw Y today in the parking lot when i was leaving

this whole day i’ve been repeating “hi! are you interested in playing badminton?” and i feel like a record player but on the plus side i think i’m going to be vp of the club so mission accomplished ;u;

4 weeks ago
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